Jane Thompson

Independent Bookseller


I am a relative newcomer to the Book People, having started my distributorship in November 2013. I had a career break after having our 2nd child and was looking for a new opportunity which I would enjoy and earn enough to warrant childcare expenses. Having shopped with the Book People for years, I jumped at the opportunity when I saw the advertisement. I had become so demoralised I didn’t think that opportunities like this still existed post-recession.

The training was thorough and I felt confident that I would be well supported in my new business. Starting at the busiest time of year was a great buzz and I really had to hit the ground running. I just couldn’t wait to sell books! I relish the opportunity to run my own distributorship as I have run my own business before. But this time, I have the backing of a very successful company with plenty of help at the end of the phone. The support you receive at every step with the Book People is excellent and even though it’s a large company, you are certainly not just a number and are helped and encouraged by everyone you encounter.

I have always been ‘outdoorsy’ and active and the job is certainly hard work. But it is absolutely true that the more you put in, the more you get out, both in job satisfaction and income. There are never any problems finding customers as they are literally everywhere! It’s very rewarding when you find new calls which become a lucrative part of your business. I even deliver books to a centre for the visually impaired as their helpers can help them make present choices. That’s very satisfying as these people cannot visit bookshops to browse.

My business is growing all the time, the Book People send me great titles which I am proud to present to my customers and the future is even more exciting. I enjoy developing relationships with the customers I visit and they have soon got used to expecting me. I have already taken on a part-time assistant to help me cover the calls in the territory. My territory is large and quite rural but there is no shortage of book-lovers in the Darlington area!