Practicalities and considerations

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As in any other business, there are certain practicalities and considerations to take into account in order to get your operation up and running. However, one of the benefits of a Book People distributorship is that very little investment is required to get up and running with your business and earning income. Initially, the key elements that you will need to focus one are; assistance, transport and storage.


Book People distributors in front of their sign written van ‘Many hands make light work’ – so the saying goes. Someone to help you is a real benefit and the Book People distributorship provides a great opportunity to bring family members into your business. Some of our most successful distributors are husband-and-wife teams, while other distributors recruit their sons and daughters or best friends to help out. If you don’t have family or close friends who would be suitable, don’t let that put you off; it’s easy to find someone by advertising locally or by recommendation/word-of-mouth.

From day one, the minimum you should aim for is someone with you in your vehicle to help sort out the books and prepare customer orders. This means you can work more efficiently, visit more customers and create a bigger revenue stream. As your business grows, a second or even a third van will help you deliver to even more customers – again boosting your turnover, your cash flow and ultimately your income.

A key growth area for our business is preschools, so a preschool assistant can help you enormously – the role is an ideal part-time job for a parent with young children.


The Book People sign written vanYour franchise’s success will centre around you being able to transport your customers’ orders to their place of work. To do so you will need a suitable van to transport your books; an estate car or people-carrier just isn’t built for the work. Your van doesn’t have to be brand new, as long as it is smart enough to be sign-written and, most importantly, reliable. Many of our distributors lease new vehicles, while others have invested around £3000-£5000 on a used van in good condition. There are plenty of low-cost options available to help you get started.


An ideal storage option for The Book People distributorsTo deliver your supplies of books to your customers you will need an accessible, dry and very secure storage area with unobstructed access for large trucks for us to fulfill your stock orders. Many distributors opt for secure storage space in large sub-divided warehouses such as Shurgard or The Big Yellow. These are ideal and can often provide exactly the amount of space needed at a competitive price; they also have pallet trollies and other useful equipment to hand. Other alternatives include local council business units.