Earn £30-50k per annum!

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As one of the Book People’s independent distributors, your earnings and future prosperity are well and truly in your own hands. The more customers you have, the bigger your business – the more books you sell, the greater your earnings!

Being a distributor provides a scalable business model, allowing you to expand your turnover and income without the need to take on costly overheads or employed members of staff. As your knowledge and experience grows, it’s a natural step forward to continue growing and developing your base of customers.

Book People distributors now have the added advantage of making online sales too, allowing them to offer their customers a wider choice of books, special offers and a dedicated service for schools.  It all adds up to a very appealing money-making opportunity, perfect for go-getters who wish to take control of their own income.

All of the stock you need to run your business is provided on a sale or return basis; you pay for the stock you sell AFTER your customer has paid you, so it’s a cash-positive business opportunity. Your discount would vary according to the size and turnover of your business. Discounts range between 22.5% and 25.5% on every book you sell, with additional incentives available too!

All of this adds up to an average earning opportunity of between £30-50k per annum, depending on the size of your business. Our top earners regularly earn up to £70k per annum.

What would you like your income to be…?