About the Book People

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The book people warehouse and carpark in bangorFor over 25 years, the Book People’s reputation as the UK’s leading direct bookseller has grown and grown. The company is well known for selling quality books at amazing discounts – often over 75% cheaper than the publisher’s price.

Our independent distributors cover the whole country and sell books directly to people in their places of work, both directly and online.  From schools and hospitals to offices and small businesses, our distributors drop off a carefully chosen selection of bestselling titles, returning a week later to deliver orders direct to their customers. This popular method of book-selling reaches markets untouched by high street chains and leads to our distributors becoming highly valued members of their local community.

As a distributor you would run your business independently, but with the support of the Book People’s experienced business managers and the recognition factor of our established brand. You would receive full training and be encouraged to take on staff to help your business to grow. Unlike a traditional franchise, you would not have to provide upfront investment or be left with unsold stock.

One of the best things about the Book People Local is when you join. You’ll become part of a family firm that looks after its distributors and, with regular competitions and get-togethers, you’ll enjoy the fun side of this vibrant company too!